Te association MERKwürdig founded in 1994 and expanded to include the „Contemporary History Center“ in 2017, has been dedicated since its founding as a „series of events against violence and oblivion“ to commemorating the victims of the Melk concentration camp using art and encounters. With this in mind, we organize the annual commemoration at the Melk Concentration Camp Memorial and many other events. In addition, as a contemporary history center, we are dedicated to research contemporary historical topics, taking into account their socio-political dimensions, and we continually carry out local and regional projects. We disseminate the insights we gain in virtual space via our social media channels and conducting events.

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We finance our work with support from the federal state of Lower Austria, the Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial/Mauthausen Memorial, the municipality of Melk and projects. In order to be able to carry out our work, many volunteer hours are necessary. As an NGO (non-governmental organization), we are committed to independence from state and party political interests and appropriation as well as the rejection of profit orientation.
Our work includes addressing the socio-political dimension of the Nazi era and current political events locally, regionally and (inter)nationally. It is characterized by its close interconnection with the memory of the victims of the Nazi era and the creation of contemporary connections to current political events that have fascist, anti-democratic and/or discriminatory tendencies or aspects.

We look forward to your donation if you would like to support our work.